Onlyart | Digital printing
Onlyart is a full-service art consulting firm working with interior designers, architects and corporate clients to create dynamic and state-of-the-art interiors with fine art, custom glicèes, stylish framing options and dimensional artwork
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Digital printing

Onlyart will reproduce originals with custom glycèes using only state-of-the printers, original pigmented inks and the right supports. Selected images can be printed at any size, on a range of papers, canvas and wall coverings.

When printing from original works, the prints are compared to originals to gauge color and bright variations. Only after the right print -matching the original work- has been obtained; the mass-printing won’t start.

Custom developed Artwork

Artwork curating and selection

Tailor-made design

Project budgeting

Artwork Project Management

Fine Art Digital printing

European quality framing

Artwork installation

Shipping and delivery

Artwork Specifications